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TALC generally runs from the first week of February through the first week of May in the Spring. Hours are Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. We take holiday breaks according to the Chatham School District calendar.

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Current Class List

Biology for the Grammar Stage

This is an elementary (grades 1-4) level class following the Biology for the Grammar Stage curriculum. Students must have a copy of the Student Workbook. This can be purchased for $19.50 from link below. I have also attached a link to the sample pages so you can see what will be covered in the class. This is a secular curriculum. There will be some homework assigned to do between TALC classes and an optional 2nd day to do that homework together. We will cover The Human Body, Animals (vertebrates and invertebrates), and Plants. I will purchase 1 lab kit however if we have a larger class we can choose to purchase a second lab kit using class fees. I would appreciate other parent's assistance in class.

Week 1: We learned about biomes/ecosystems/habitats in class and made dioramas.
Homework: lab report 1: draw a picture of your habitat and write something you learned. Write about or tell you parent something about each of the habitats in your book.

  • Middle Kids (7 to 9)

In each of these classes we will watch a 15 minute video (produced by Salsa by Georgia Public Broadcasting) and do a series of activities based on the vocabulary that we have learned. From the Salsa website "Salsa is Georgia Public Broadcasting's award-winning Spanish language series for young learners in kindergarten through the third grade. Puppets in familiar stories, digital graphics and animation teach the language." Think Sesame Street in Spanish!

  • Middle Kids (7 to 9)

We will sing together, folk songs, seasonal songs, and rounds, and have FUN. I'll try to incorporate movement in songs whenever possible, and we will practice matching pitch and singing simple harmonies. I will gear the songs toward the age of kids who sign up, so this class could be for any age. We will aim to have a few songs that are ready for a performance at the end of the semester.

  • Little Kids (4 to 6)
  • Middle Kids (7 to 9)
  • Big Kids (10 and up)
Mad Libs Grammar

Learn about nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs through mad libs games.

  • Middle Kids (7 to 9)
Cooking Art

We will connect art, food, and literature! After listening to a different book each week, children will create edible masterpieces that relate to the story. There will be gluten-, dairy-, corn-, soy-, and potato-free as well as vegan options each week. The class may not fill an entire hour, so kids might be dismissed to their parents early.

  • Little Kids (4 to 6)
Doggy Day

Bring a picture of your favorite dog - real or imaginary and tell us all about it.

  • Middle Kids (7 to 9)
American Girl - Felicity

Read any of the Felicity books at your leisure. We will do a craft, cook, and play games from Felicity's time (colonial America).

  • Middle Kids (7 to 9)

Cross stitch

  • Middle Kids (7 to 9)
  • Big Kids (10 and up)
Nibbles and Scribbles

Each week we will work on an art project while having gluten free snacks.

  • Big Kids (10 and up)
  • Teens
Story Time and Activity

1/2 hour of stories and an activity to follow. The activity may be messy. I will need at least one parent to stay for each class to help with kids who need to leave my care for whatever reason (bathroom, meltdowns, tired of me) and find their parent.

  • Little Kids (4 to 6)
Gym for Littles and Middles Session 1

We'll play classic gym games from Mr. Fox to Kickball for 1/2 hour, then free play for 1/2 hour. You can sign up for both sessions 1 and 2.

  • Little Kids (4 to 6)
  • Middle Kids (7 to 9)
Ceramics for Little Kids

In this class little ones will experiment with different clay construction techniques and decorating ideas. They will hand build functional and/or sculptural items which will be fired in my kiln then brought back to TALC for glazing and a second firing.

  • Minis
  • Little Kids (4 to 6)

Intro to Arabic : the alphabets, body parts, names of objects, etc. Ages 5-10

  • Little Kids (4 to 6)
  • Middle Kids (7 to 9)
Fairy Tale Plays

The students will act out well known stories with puppets and figurines.

  • Little Kids (4 to 6)
Rocks for Littles

We will dig around for rocks and talk about where they come from and what we can find out about them.

  • Little Kids (4 to 6)
Kids in the Kitchen - Desserts Session 2

This Beginner Level Class will focus on simple desserts that kids can re-create at home. Each week we will focus on a different dessert and learn about basic baking techniques.
Kids will be able to take home the desserts to share with their families and be provided with a shopping list and easy to follow recipes. Please register for session 1 or 2.

  • Middle Kids (7 to 9)
Role Playing Games

Ages 7 and up. Students will participate in games including but not limited to Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, and Spycraft. The focus will be on story telling, creative narratives, and imaginative adventures. Students will have the opportunity to select, design, and paint their own character’s miniature.

  • Middle Kids (7 to 9)
  • Big Kids (10 and up)
  • Teens
Dino Time

Learn about dinosaurs big and small through songs, games, stories and crafts.

  • Little Kids (4 to 6)
American Sign Language

This class is geared toward beginners, but those who have taken the class are welcomed back to practice and improve their skills. We will learn the alphabet, conversational signs, signs for food, colors, animals, our likes and dislikes. We will practice learning to fingerspell.

  • Little Kids (4 to 6)
  • Middle Kids (7 to 9)
  • Big Kids (10 and up)
  • Teens
Circle Time
  • Little Kids (4 to 6)
US History

This class is the first part of a three-year curriculum that will span the history of the United States. In these first ten ten weeks we will focus on colonization (pre-Columbus) through the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The primary texts that we will be using will be Howard Zinn's A Young People's History of the United States and Joy Hakim's A History of US. I will also be using many resources from the Zinn Education Project ( Both books are available through the mid-Hudson library system. If you are not familiar with these texts, please take a look at them and feel free to contact me with any questions.

This class will require weekly reading assignments at home.

  • Big Kids (10 and up)
Holiday Crafts

Bring a craft activity to share.

  • Little Kids (4 to 6)
  • Middle Kids (7 to 9)
  • Big Kids (10 and up)
Ceramics for Bigger Kids

This class will give kids 8 and up an chance to experiment with ceramics. The class will learn a new project/building technique each week. And then experiment with glazing. The pieces will be bisque fired and glaze fired in my kiln.

If the children choose to make functional pieces they will be food safe. This class will also include some videos on ceramic building techniques and introduction to potters and artists working in ceramic.

  • Middle Kids (7 to 9)
  • Big Kids (10 and up)
  • Teens
What's Bugging You?

This class will teach students about some common insects. Our activities will include stories, games, crafts, and bug snacks. Any snacks will include gluten-, corn-, soy-, dairy-. and potato-free as well as vegan options. The class may not fill an entire hour, so kids might be dismissed to their parents early.

  • Little Kids (4 to 6)
Biology for the Logic Stage

Biology for the Logic Stage is for students in grades 5-8. This class is 2 hours. This is a lab class. Each week we will do a lab and a lab report. Each student is required to have a Student Workbook, this can be purchased at the link below for $26. I have also included a link to the sample pages which outline the schedule and what is covered: cells & DNA, human biology, animals (vertebrates & invertebrates), and plants. There will be homework each week. This can be done together on a 2nd day or can be done at home.

If you are doing it at home you will need the Usborne Science Encyclopedia, it is recommended to also have a copy of The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia but is not a requirement. There is also the option of buying pack that comes with the Teacher's Guide, Student Workbook, and the 2 encyclopedias for $89, this is not a requirement for the class.

I will be buying an experiment kit. If there is a large class we can split the cost of another experiment kit. There are additional dissection kits available for purchase if students are interested.

  • Big Kids (10 and up)
Newspaper/Magazine Writing Class

We'll use a newspaper & magazine format to practice different writing styles, and work on "publishing" an issue of a talc newsletter/magazine, which can include writing and art from any talc students or families, not just kids in this class. During class, we will work on informative writing/reporting, persuasive/advertising, creative writing, interviewing, poetry, comedy.. depending on students particular interests and vision for the newsletter. No specific homework will be given, but I'll encourage everyone to work on their writing pieces outside of talc if they feel inspired.

  • Big Kids (10 and up)
  • Teens

Acrylic painting. Includes still life, landscapes, plein air and will touch upon technique, approach, and composition.

  • Middle Kids (7 to 9)
  • Big Kids (10 and up)
  • Teens
Self Denfense

Basic self-defense techniques and tips for dealing with bullies or anyone wishing to do the student physical harm. I am not certified in anything, so this will be from my knowledge of Tae Kwon do and some defense I learned specifically to not harm an attacker, but to deflect. A lot of the focus will be on deflecting, blocking and what the student can say or do to get out of the situation, but we will cover some hands on movements.

  • Middle Kids (7 to 9)
  • Big Kids (10 and up)

Lighthearted debates on fun topics such as "What's better, cats or dogs?" to learn and practice debating skills. For the first debates we will debate from our sincerely held positions, but later we will stretch our abilities by debating from a position we don't actually hold.

  • Middle Kids (7 to 9)
  • Big Kids (10 and up)
Kids in the Kitchen - Desserts Session 1

This Beginner Level Class will focus on simple desserts that kids can re-create at home. Each week we will focus on a different dessert and learn about basic baking techniques.
Kids will be able to take home the desserts to share with their families and be provided with a shopping list and easy to follow recipes. Please register for session 1 or 2.

  • Middle Kids (7 to 9)
Treasure Hunt

Follow the clues to find a treasure.

  • Middle Kids (7 to 9)
Gym for Littles and Middles Session 2

We'll play classic gym games from Mr. Fox to Kickball for 1/2 hour, then free play for 1/2 hour. You can sign up for both sessions 1 and 2.

  • Little Kids (4 to 6)
  • Middle Kids (7 to 9)
Tea Party
  • Middle Kids (7 to 9)
Story of the World

SOTW 3 Early Modern Times. Each week we will go over a chapter, read a book, do a project.

  • Middle Kids (7 to 9)


Trip Date & Time
Science Day/ New Families Meet & Greet

This day I will bring all the books we will use for both elementary and middle school science classes so parents can look over them. I will discuss the labs we will be doing in class and the homework that should be done between classes. I will discuss the field trips we are planning that correspond to the lessons we are learning. I can answer any questions you have.

This is also a New Family Meet & Greet. There will be several new families coming.

We will have the playground and gym available. Children can bring bikes, scooters, skateboards & roller skates if interested.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018 - 11:00am to 1:00pm
Springfield Museums Field Trip

We will meet at the museums (21 Edwards Street
Springfield, MA 01103) at 9:45am

Students will participate in two one-hour programs:

10-11am: Scutes & Scales
Explore the fascinating lives of some of the most loved, feared and misunderstood animals on Earth— reptiles. Learn about their unique senses, physical features and behaviors, as well as their life cycles and habitats through engaging hands-on activities and a visit with our live reptiles!

11am-12pm: Just Survive!
Students experience the challenges of daily survival as they assume the identities of different animals with different adaptations. The object is to acquire adequate food, water, and shelter within their habitat, while keeping out of the clutches of the dreaded predator. This program can be taught outdoors during warmer months.

12-12:30pm: I have reserved a place for us to eat lunch. Either bring your own or purchase something at the cafe.

12:30-3:30 (or whenever you want to leave): Self-exploration of museum buildings.

Located in the heart of downtown Springfield, Massachusetts, the Springfield Museums offer access to five world-class museums, including the Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum and the Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden, all under a single admission.
There is the George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum, the Springfield Science Museum, the Michele and Donald D’Amour Museum ofFine Arts, the Lyman and Merrie Wood Museum of Springfield History, and the Amazing World of Dr. Suess Museum.

Cost: $9/student
Children under 4 and not participating in the programs are free

Also, since we are doing a school field trip they have given us a special deal and one adult from each family is free. Additional adults pay $9.

They have a minimum number of students needed to run their programs, so please mark it on your calendar and plan to attend if you sign up.

I will collect the money at TALC the two weeks prior, so we can pay as a group.

Friday, September 21, 2018 - 9:45am
Mud Creek - Ecology

"Take a walk at Mud Creek or around an ecosystem of your choice and learn about natural communities such as the forest, marsh, stream, and field. See what makes each special and explore their interrelationships."

This field trip is geared toward children in the middle school science class, but all TALC children are welcome. Please dress apropriately for the weather and wear rainboots so you can explore the wetland comfortably.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 11:00am to 1:00pm
NYS Museum Field Trip

We will meet at the museum no later than 9:45am and, depending on how many students attend, are scheduled for 2-3 separate program times. The educators at the museum insist that students are broken up into grades for separate programs. Families are welcome to explore the museum on their own while students are in their program. We will have a space reserved for us to eat lunch, but may not be able to eat together as a group because of the program schedule. Entrance to the museum as well as all programs are free, but you may need to pay to park. Parking is available in the two lots adjacent to the Museum, both located off of Madison Avenue. Prior to 10:00 a.m., the parking fee is $10. After 10:00 a.m., the parking fee is $5. Parking is free after 2:00 p.m. A visitor lot is available in the Empire State Plaza.

10-10:30am: kids aged pre-K to grade 1 : Cradleboards and Cornhusk Dolls

Explore the life of an Iroquois child of 500 years ago with stories and interactive objects and a visit to a full size replica of a Mohawk Iroquois longhouse on a winter’s night. Visit a hands on classroom and Three Sisters growing field exhibit. This program takes place in a classroom and the Longhouse and Three Sisters growing field exhibits.

11-11:45am: Grades 2-4: People of the Longhouse
12-12:45pm: Grades 5 and up: People of the Longhouse

What were Iroquois culture, community, and confederacy like over 500 years ago? Students will examine archaeological evidence, first-hand accounts, and step into a full-size reconstruction of a Mohawk longhouse to explore the material culture, values, and daily-life of Iroquois families. Students will discover the many types of evidence they need to build a deeper understanding of the lives of the men, women and children who lived 500 years ago in an Iroquois village. This program takes place in a museum classroom and the Longhouse.

Although these programs are free, I will need to confirm the number of students attending. Please mark it on your calendar and plan to attend if you sign up, so that we are able to go to future programs as well.

Friday, October 19, 2018 - 9:45am
Mud Creek - Bird's of Prey & Owl Pellet Dissection

10/30/2018 10AM - We will be going to the Mud Creek Environmental learning Center for a class on Bird's of Prey followed by owl pellet dissection. This class is geared toward the elementary aged students but all TALC kids are welcome. Mud Creek does have natural trails to walk but it is a wetland so it's best to wear boots especially if it's rained recently.

1024 NY-66
Ghent, NY

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 - 11:00am to 1:00pm
FASNY Museum of Firefighting Field Trip

We will meet at the museum for a 10am tour that is expected to last about 1.5-2 hours. The cost is $5/kids age 3 and up and $10/adults. I will collect the money at TALC a couple of weeks before our date so that we can pay together as a group.

The program is:
The History of Firefighting: Ever wondered how firefighters went from fighting fires with buckets of water to operating the humongous fire trucks of today? Bring you group and learn all about the history of firefighting through an interactive tour. After the tour, see if your group can beat the clock at the popular Bucket Brigade interactive. This tour is perfect for ages 3-100. Meets NYS Learning Standards for Social Studies.

Dare to be Prepared: Come and learn about fire safety and prevention, as we take your class through a hazard house, teach them about when to dial 9-1-1, when to stop, drop and roll, tools and toys and other fire safety and prevention concepts. Students then will have the opportunity to complete the Jr. Firefighter Challenge course and enjoy the Museums interactive Creative Play Trucks. For grades Pre-K-2. Meets NYS Learning Standards.

Friday, November 2, 2018 - 10:00am
Via Aquarium

This field trip to the Via Aquarium near Albany corresponds to the elementary science class which will be learning about fish at this time. All TALC children are welcome.

If we have 15 people we qualify for a discounted group rate.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 - 11:00am to 4:00pm
Norman Rockwell Museum Fieldtrip

We will meet at the museum (Norman Rockwell Museum 9 Glendale Road / Route 183, Stockbridge, MA 01262 413-298-4100) at 9:45am for a 10-11am tour.

NARRATIVE AND NUANCE: Investigate the narrative aspects of Norman Rockwell’s art and discover the wide range of stories communicated through illustrated images. The artist’s use of character plot and setting will be explored through discussion and hands on experiences. After our tour, you are free to enjoy all of the art on view in the Museum’s Permanent Collection and Special Exhibition Galleries. The museum requests that we walk through the galleries in small groups that are accompanied by a chaperone. I have requested a spot for us to eat lunch together (bring your own lunch). If the weather is nice, you can enjoy a stroll on the Museum’s bucolic 36 acre site, which is great to picnicking or just enjoying the view in the beautiful Berkshires. Climbing sculptures by Peter Rockwell, Norman Rockwell’s youngest son, are on view.

You may find online curriculum materials at

Cost Per Student: $5
Teachers and Chaperones Free
I will collect the money at TALC before the date, so we can pay together.

Friday, November 30, 2018 - 9:45am to 3:00pm
Ft. Crailo State Historic Site Field Trip

We will meet at Ft. Crailo (9 1/2 Riverside Avenue, Rensselaer, NY 12144) for a tour that will begin promptly at 10am. The tour should last about 30-45 minutes, and then we will head downstairs to the historic kitchen to take part in the hearthside cooking demonstration. We will be making seed cakes (little cookies with caraway seeds in them) using a dutch oven in the large fireplace.

Crailo is the museum of the Colonial Dutch in the Hudson River Valley. Originally a part of the vast landholding called the Manor or Patroonship of Rensselaerswyck, the Crailo farm was named after the Van Rensselaer's estate in the Netherlands, variously spelled Crayloo or Cralo in the 17th century, and meaning "crows' wood" in Dutch. Crailo was built in the early 18th century by Hendrick Van Rensselaer, grandson of the First Patroon. Hendrick died in 1740 and his eldest son, Johannes, inherited Crailo. He remodeled the house and added an east wing in the Georgian style, reflecting the increasing influence of the English on the Albany-area Dutch.In the late 18th century, Crailo was remodeled in the Federal style. It served as a boys' boarding school in the 1840s and later as a church rectory. Each new venture brought more changes to the structure. In 1924 Crailo was donated to New York State for development as a museum.Crailo today tells the story of the early Dutch inhabitants of the upper Hudson Valley through exhibits highlighting archeological finds from the Albany Fort Orange excavations, special programs, and guided tours of the museum.

The cost is $3/student. Any younger siblings who are NOT taking part in the program are free. There is a fee for adults, but it depends on the number of people attending (under $4/adult). I will be collecting the money at TALC a couple of weeks before the visit, so that we can pay as a group.

Friday, December 7, 2018 - 10:00am
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