The Alternative Learning Center (TALC) is a homeschooling community and cooperative based in Columbia County, New York. Our mission is to provide a place where homeschooling families meet to support each other and learn together in an inclusive environment.

Our membership includes approximately 20-30 families from Columbia, Berkshire, Greene, Ulster, Rensselaer, and surrounding counties. We meet once or twice a week at our facility, which has a gym, classrooms, a kitchen, playing fields, tennis courts, a playroom for toddlers, and an outdoor playground. The facility is wheelchair accessible. Our schedule is comprised of an autumn term and a spring term, each running approximately 12 weeks; we break for vacations and holidays according to the local public school calendar. We are accepting new members.

For More Information

If, after reading through the information on this website, you have any questions, please contact the Membership Coordinator at membership@talcny.org. (If you do not receive a response within a day or two, you can also contact coordinator@talcny.org).

If you think you may be interested in joining TALC and would like to arrange a visit, please also contact the Membership Coordinator, as above.

If you are ready to sign up, please fill out the TALC Enrollment Form [.doc] and email it to the Membership Coordinator at membership@talcny.org. We will then send you a current schedule and registration form to fill out. When you register, we will also sign you up to the TALC yahoo group email listserve (open to members only). At the yahoo group website, you will be able to access the registration materials, and other relevant files from your computer.

For information on the history of TALC, we recommend the book by founder Katharine Houk, Creating a Cooperative Learning Center: An Idea-Book for Homeschooling.

TALC is currently accepting new members.
This website was last updated April, 2011.